Welcome to the GUS! Podcast. – GUS Intro.

Yes, growing up sucks. But it doesn’t have to. There are many solutions to the dilemmas you face, both the every day and the life-changing. In this introduction, I explain who I am and what I think you will get out of these shows. I also explain why I think I can help. Check it out. And get in touch if you have a topic you think I should cover. I’m trying to target the young adult age group, maybe 17-25 yrs old, but anyone is free to listen and participate.

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  1. Brian Jones

    These play as authentic and well informed interviews between the highly qualified Lauber and guest young persons in the midst of “adulting.” Lauber deftly guides the conversations toward his informative guidance. If it wasn’t so “produced” you’d believe that you’re listening in on a professor’s conversation with a former student after they graduated and had returned for some advice. And that’s probably the case. It’s easy to listen to these life lessons. They may seem a little long if you’re more “Headline News” than “National Public Radio.” The benefit is that they have some depth and nuance. Maybe you can listen in while doing something else on your laptop…uh, or maybe that’s a lesson for a future GUS.

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